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                      Ocean Freight (FCL, LCL)
                      We offer scheduled ocean freight service to/from major countries and cities around the world. We provide weekly direct consolidation and deconsolidation and full container load for both outbound and inbound services. We are professional in ocean freight from Shanghai, Wuhan to the main ocean port of the world. During years of professional service, we keep in close touch with the famous shipping companies (such as CSCL, MSC, HMM, MSK, CLAN S. A, APL, NYK, MOL etc), customs, and some other China¡¯s government. We provide client with professional high quality and competitive services related to cargo transportation
                      Air Freight
                      We offer air freight export and import service to/from anywhere worldwide. During the establishment of our air department, we are devoted in expanding international air freight transportation. We have signed agency agreements with world-wide airways, such as CZ, MU, KA, CA, and KE. In addition, we have extensive experience handling specialized shipments that involve high value, or hazardous cargo, such as battery, pharmaceutical, and chemical cargo.
                         Multi-transportation service

                         Pick up, Customs clearance£¬inspection of different kinds

                         Packing, warehousing and distribution
                         To Door service

                         Cargo insurance



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