3 Stretches you can do Everyday to Help your Back Pain


In our modern day world, sitting seems to be the go-to position of choice. There are numerous parts in our day in which we are sitting, and all too often are not aware of our posture. When we wake up we sit to eat our breakfast and steaming mug of coffee, then we sit on our drive to work, where again we sit the whole day while doing our work. After work, it’s sitting during the drive home, and where we sit down to eat dinner and then sit down to watch our favorite show and unwind from the day’s hard work. This immense amount of sitting time can result in some serious back pain. From an anatomical point , this is caused by the hamstring muscles and the illiopsoas muscles being shortened from the many hours of sitting, ultimately causing strain on the lower back. This is not just limited to sedentary people, athletes battle lower back pain just like the rest of us. This is because any weight-bearing sport or exercise involving running, jumping, or quick and complex movements produces tension on the lower back. When these activities are repeated over time without proper stretching and releasing of these tight muscles, they become overused, and injuries occur.

While it is very important to include an exercise routine in your day, multiple studies have shown the power of the ancient practice of yoga, which emphasizes stretching, strength, and flexibility to relieve back soreness. A combination of both is recommended for maximum benefits for your body’s ability to move, as well as energy levels. Whether you are a nine-to-five worker or an athlete, these exercises can help relieve your back pain. To get full benefits do the following poses daily or after you work out. Take it to the next level by practicing conscious relaxation. Breathe deeply in and out of the nose while doing these poses. This will ensure that you are getting both the physical and mental benefits of taking time to let your body unwind from the physical tension of the day.

This immense amount of sitting time can result in some serious pain by ultimately causing strain on the lower back

Post time: Sep-27-2016


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